Homeschool – Technology Part 2

Technology and STEM education is part of the curriculum starting from second grade. Technology is a good career line for children who has logical and reasoning skills. Basic programming skills is an extension of math skills. How to automate problem solving.

A simple example, every apple costs 2 dollars , so what is the cost of 10 apples. On a abstraction point of view , how much is x apples.  The problem can be solved in below languages:

  1. Easiest – HTML
  2. Intermediate – Python
  3. Advanced – Java

We will pick the easiest HTML , since other needs development environment setup which I will be covering in subsequent blogs.


JS Bin

function myFunction() {
var y = document.getElementById(“txt1”).value;
var z = document.getElementById(“txt2”).value;
var x = y * z;
document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML = x;

Click the button to calculate x.
Try it

Enter Apples:

Enter cost:


Please use the below website for trying changes:

You can also save the html to notepad as apples.html and open the file using your browser.






Homeschool – Nature Play

Playing with things in nature improves the creativity of a child tremendously.  Playing tic tac toe with stones and sticks .  Teaching them to climb a tree.  Going for nature walks and exploring small creatures , birds , plants and kind of trees is the best learning you could ever give.

Kids love this kind of learning.  Teaching about animals and their habitat will improve their love for nature. These activity not only stress relieves them but also improves their quality of life tremendously. What should we do on the days it rains or snows ?. Take those nature changes and teach them, collect rain or snow . Make boats on those rain waters and make little village out of the snow, place the built objects in freezer to show them how cold things exist.


Quotes & Kids

As a child growing up,  I was overwhelmed by quotes and quotations .


Best ones for kids  which you can hang at home or write on a board:

  • Time and Tide waits for none
  • Boldness has genius , power and magic in it. – Goethe
  • Failure is the stepping stone for success.
  • Do the right thing even when no one is looking.
  • Follow your dream.
  • Hard work is the mother of success.
  • Miracles do happen.
  • Believe in Yourself.
  • Stay Positive, optimism is the foundation for courage.


Homeschool And Technology

Technology education is a need in the current world.  If the mother is not technically educated its a challenge to teach them the coding world. Below are some resources to start with:browsing-15824_1920

  1. Raz-kids – This is a online reading system used by most American schools for improving the kids reading skill. It has a read, listen to the reading and quiz sections. It also helps you move up the level as you finish one.
  2. Typing – is a website used by most skills to improve the basic typing.
  3. – To understand the basics of technology like HTML.

Will be covering more on coding skill development for kids in the subsequent posts. Stay tuned.

Love Unconditionally

On this day , let us remember love can change the children to any extent. Thinking that your mom and dad love you more than anything is the best feeling for any child.


  • Look into their eyes at least twice a day when you speak to them. Especially when  they wake up, give a hug and a warm pat. Same when they get to bed.  Look into their eyes when you emphasize a rule .
  • How we emotionally control ourselves from outbursts is a learning for them. When very upset with your spouse , how you react is the key. Remember those tiny eyes are watching you.
  • How you treat your grandparents is very important,they know its your mom and dad. You can expect the same back when you are old.
  • Try not to gossip or complaint about your closest kith and kin in front of children.
  • Bond emotionally with them, no gifts can make this happen. Only pure love.
  • When your kid is talking to you , never look at a television or phone. They know the kind of importance they are getting.
  • Emotional intelligence is very important in their life. They will come across failures, desperation and breakups. How they grow up as a child will give them the thought process to hope and solve these problems.

Love & Trust can do wonders in these young hearts. Love with all your heart.

Experiment Evolution

Evolution is a very important concept. We all have a story from our religion of how we came into existence.

Kids always ask – How did humans originate ?  Where we came from ? Why we live in house ?


Science plays a primary part, start with the below sequence to your kids:

  • Big Bang Theory
    • Reference link
  • Charles Darwin’s “Survival of Fittest Theory”
    • Reference link
  • Life of ancestors
    • Invention of  wheel
    • Reference Link –

Experience :

Camping is the best experience closest to stone age.

Truth – We are still evolving , may be we all will become robots 🙂

Relax with Inspiration


Weekends are the best time to relax with your kids . How  can we inspire them ? .And ourselves  get inspired as well. Watch the below Space movies:

  1. Apollo 13
  2. Gravity
  3. Interstellar

Along with NASA mission statement for Apollo 13:

Read about the real life crew to complete the education process:

Watch for the words in the movie :

“Failure is not an option”

“Successful Failure”

“No superstition only facts”

A Fantastic Booktime

If you need to spend some time with your kids. Book time is the best way. Books help the kids learn and have fun. Some books that you should read is Click , Ask, Spider, National Geographic Kids, Highlights and much more. Also book time can be with every grade level students. You can even spend time with high schooler.

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