Homeschool – Technology Part 2

Technology and STEM education is part of the curriculum starting from second grade. Technology is a good career line for children who has logical and reasoning skills. Basic programming skills is an extension of math skills. How to automate problem solving.

A simple example, every apple costs 2 dollars , so what is the cost of 10 apples. On a abstraction point of view , how much is x apples.  The problem can be solved in below languages:

  1. Easiest – HTML
  2. Intermediate – Python
  3. Advanced – Java

We will pick the easiest HTML , since other needs development environment setup which I will be covering in subsequent blogs.


JS Bin

function myFunction() {
var y = document.getElementById(“txt1”).value;
var z = document.getElementById(“txt2”).value;
var x = y * z;
document.getElementById(“demo”).innerHTML = x;

Click the button to calculate x.
Try it

Enter Apples:

Enter cost:


Please use the below website for trying changes:

You can also save the html to notepad as apples.html and open the file using your browser.






Homeschool – Nature Play

Playing with things in nature improves the creativity of a child tremendously.  Playing tic tac toe with stones and sticks .  Teaching them to climb a tree.  Going for nature walks and exploring small creatures , birds , plants and kind of trees is the best learning you could ever give.

Kids love this kind of learning.  Teaching about animals and their habitat will improve their love for nature. These activity not only stress relieves them but also improves their quality of life tremendously. What should we do on the days it rains or snows ?. Take those nature changes and teach them, collect rain or snow . Make boats on those rain waters and make little village out of the snow, place the built objects in freezer to show them how cold things exist.