Love Unconditionally

On this day , let us remember love can change the children to any extent. Thinking that your mom and dad love you more than anything is the best feeling for any child.


  • Look into their eyes at least twice a day when you speak to them. Especially when  they wake up, give a hug and a warm pat. Same when they get to bed.  Look into their eyes when you emphasize a rule .
  • How we emotionally control ourselves from outbursts is a learning for them. When very upset with your spouse , how you react is the key. Remember those tiny eyes are watching you.
  • How you treat your grandparents is very important,they know its your mom and dad. You can expect the same back when you are old.
  • Try not to gossip or complaint about your closest kith and kin in front of children.
  • Bond emotionally with them, no gifts can make this happen. Only pure love.
  • When your kid is talking to you , never look at a television or phone. They know the kind of importance they are getting.
  • Emotional intelligence is very important in their life. They will come across failures, desperation and breakups. How they grow up as a child will give them the thought process to hope and solve these problems.

Love & Trust can do wonders in these young hearts. Love with all your heart.


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