Power of Mom

Thomas Alva Edison was home schooled by his Mom. He went to formal schooling for a while and was discontinued from it . His mom received a letter from the school. Mom read the letter to Edison, “Your son is a genius , school is too small for him” . Later when she died , Edison found the letter, it read , “Your son has a mental illness, so he cant attend the school any more”.  Though this story was proven to be hoax it made a big impact in my thinking.

As a mom you have a very big influence in their life. Make use of it and give them the best life forward.  I am a busy working mom with three kids , but still everyday I try my best, which I will be sharing  here for everybody’s good.

Mom is the world to the kid . Mold them as much as you could in the right way. Give them all the opportunities, love them , hug them, dream with them. Be an example yourself.  Remember the movie “Inception” , you can implant seeds in their mind. Use that power!


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